Having personally been a lifelong gamer and follower of the gaming and esports community for a long time, our goal is to help the community that we feel so passionate about. We want to help all types of gamers get the absolute most out of their gaming experience and to provide a trustworthy place where everyone feels they can purchase the ideal products for their gaming needs. At GamingStop we provide a lifetime of gaming together through engaging with the community and meeting their requirements. We help everyone regardless of their budget or their product knowledge, to help point them in the right direction to ensure they have the best equipment for their online gaming experience. At GamingStop we provide a wide variety of gaming equipment from an extensive range of brands, regardless whether for a new gamer looking for a full gaming package or a professional esports player looking for the newest top of the range product, we have something to suit everyone's requirements.

Our History

Founded in 2021, GamingStop was created with the aim to be the largest supplier of gaming equipment and products to all gamers within the United Kingdom. Our belief is that all gamers deserve somewhere safe and trustworthy that they can go to purchase their gaming equipment. Thus the UK's Home of Gaming was born.

Our Products

At GamingStop we only stock the best gaming products on the market. We know gaming better than anyone and our wide range of products from an extensive range of brands ensure's there is something in stock for everyone! From headsets to gaming chairs we're the go to destination for gamers who want to be the best.

How We Can Help You

GamingStop is here to help you by supplying exactly what you require to upgrade your gaming setup so you can maximise your gaming experience.

Whether you are a casual gamer looking for the best value for money product or an experienced gamer looking for the ultimate gaming setup, we can direct you to the ideal product to improve your gaming setup.

It all starts from somewhere and if your new to gaming we have exactly what you need! We supply a variety of gaming packages that range from beginner to professional setups, everything you need to get started can be found here.